Field of Dreams... The Story so Far

When they first met some 15 years ago, Brent Grayling and Neil Shaw were delighted to discover that they had consistent views on many aspects of the thoroughbred business and similar high standards of personal ethics. At first they bought and raced horses together and based on the success of these joint investments and their growing enthusiasm to expand their involvement in the thoroughbred industry, they decided to follow their passion and establish their own business. And so Supreme Thoroughbreds was established in 2007 and began operation at a modest property at Romsey in Victoria's Macedon Ranges.

Just as each journey begins with the first step, Supreme Thoroughbreds began with just two horses. Brent and Neil's enthusiasm and their belief in their own abilities gave them a solid basis for planning a boutique thoroughbred broodmare operation. Together with Adrienne Grayling and Sue Shaw they knew they could build their dream into something special. They wanted to be the best there is and that's why the business is called Supreme Thoroughbreds.

As in the 1989 American fantasy sports film Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, Neil & Brent had a vision for their Supreme Thoroughbreds business and had an unswerving conviction that.......if you build it, they will come. They felt that if they could create the right physical environment, together with their own "can-do"attitude, then the horses under their care would excel and their clients' dreams would become reality. So the slogan Field of Dreams is an integral part of Supreme's vision for success.

The Supreme logo holds a special meaning for each member of Team Supreme. The black reflects the New Zealand heritage of Brent & Adrienne. The embossed wings represent the wings of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology. The hot pink accent colour acknowledges Adrienne & Sue's important contribution to the success of the team, and the silver gives a shine and polish.