Marketing + Promotion

Premier Yearling Sale Marketing Campaign


The yearlings don’t sell themselves...

 “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”  Samuel Goldwyn (also a favourite saying of Peter Snowden, Darley’s head trainer in Australia – he trained the winner of all five Group One two-year-old races in Australia in 2011.)

Team Supreme’s Brent Grayling devises an individually tailored preparation for each yearling which is implemented by the experienced and dedicated crew at Supreme & specialist consultants.  Each yearling is carefully nurtured so that it’s at the peak of physical & mental condition, ready to impress upon inspection.  However, the other side to a successful sale is getting interest from prospective buyers.


In 2011 we implemented our own targeted marketing campaign.  To generate interest in the yearlings and get the best possible results for our clients we developed a comprehensive promotional package which includes publicity material and film footage which was sent to all the key players in the industry. 



Promotion of our draft starts in the preceeding December through our Newsletters & special Premier Yearling Sale Bulletins which are emailed to an extensive and diverse database of contacts spread across the thoroughbred industry both in Australia and internationally.



Supreme Thoroughbreds’ website was launched mid-Feb 2011.  It was perfect timing to use the launch of the website to promote our draft in the 2011 yearling sale.  The website has a section dedicated to yearling sales and visitors to the site can view footage of each Lot for sale.  Anyone interested in checking out one of the yearlings can visit this section of the website.   We also email a link to anyone who enquired about a yearling –  a click on the link and in only a few seconds they are watching  the yearling parade on our website.  This is especially useful for busy trainers and bloodstock agents in compiling their shortlist of yearlings to inspect first-hand.  Footage & photographs of our yearlings is also available on the Inglis website and


DVD & Brochure

For the first time in 2011 Supreme Thoroughbreds commissioned a professionally produced DVD with footage of each yearling walking and standing accompanied by a voiceover of the pedigree highlights of each Lot.  The DVD is presented in a hard cover case featuring Supreme’s colours with an impressive black and silver front cover with hot pink inside where all the yearlings for sale are listed in Lot order.   To accompany the DVD we produce a brochure which contains a detailed summary of the pedigree highlights of each Lot for sale.  The DVD and brochure are posted to trainers, syndicators and bloodstock agents together with an inspection card.  The DVD is also particularly helpful to buyers intending to sell shares in a yearling.


Inspection Card

Indicative of the quality approach to every aspect of our business, Supreme’s inspection card is a standout among the crowd with its shiny silver printing on the front and list of Lots for sale on the back.  The Inspection Card is also mailed out in advance to an extensive database of  trainers, syndicators and bloodstock agents prior to the Premier Yearling Sale.  Team Supreme are flat out parading the yearlings for prospecitve buyers for up to 5 days prior to the start of the sale and also during sale days, and the information gained from the inspection card allows us to track the interest in each yearling.  Each parade of our draft/viewing of selected yearlings is recorded on an inspection card and once collated this information serves as a guage to the level of interest in a yearling and assists owners in setting a realistic reserve.

Preview Parades

Supreme Thoroughbreds invites selected trainers, agents, syndicators and industry groups to visit our farm in the weeks leading up to the sales for preview parades of our yearling drafts.  This is an opportunity prospective buyers to inspect the yearlings in a more personalised setting and at a time and pace which meets their needs.   This is especially appreciated by high profile buyers with many demands on their time.